Hidden #waterfalls on #Maui


 While browsing the photos from friends on Facebook I came across photos from a friend who hiked a trail  named 13 crossings.

In 28 years of living on Maui I never knew this place existed.. I
googled ” 13 Crossings Maui” and could not find much written about this
hike but did find directions getting to the trail head:

The Makamakaole Stream runs down the north slope of West Maui,
one of the least developed regions of the island. This hike
is nicknamed “13 Crossings,” because that is how many times you must cross the stream before the trail ends at a waterfall.

The trail head is located 8/10 mile west of mile marker 7 on highway 340.
I could not see mile marker 7 on the road but we did see mile marker
5 and went 2.8 miles past that .

We did this hike on Sunday and it was truly amazing.. about 6 crossings in
you walk through a wonderful bamboo forest. 

The hike took us about an hour to get to the end of the trail
and at the 12th crossing the stream forks into a left and right stream
we took the right fork and it ended at this 300 foot 2 tier waterfall.
the water is very shallow so it was not the best place to swim but
the water fall is nice.


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